Most air conditioners are fully guaranteed against defective materials and manufacturing defaults inclusive of parts and service for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. But, the compressor will valid for one replacement up to within 5 years warranty period. Read more to find out how to ensure a smooth warranty claim.

The weather in Malaysia has been humid recently. Air conditioners help to keep our home cooler, which is why an air conditioner is essential equipment that we need for comfortable living.

Air conditioners also help to improve air quality by circulating filtered, clean air into a house. They create a healthier and cleaner environment for families who stay at home more than usual as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What if we need to repair or decided to purchase a brand-new air conditioner? Do you aware the warranty on air conditioner is slightly different from standard electrical appliances? Continue reading to learn how to save money when the thing goes wrong.

A standard air conditioner warranty will cover defective parts. This includes the compressor, refrigerant, and labor costs. Warranty must be presented upon for replacement of compressor due to manufacturing defects and is valid for a one-time use within 5 years according to most brands in the market as long as:

  1. The warranty card and proof of purchase must be presented when servicing is requested.
  2. The appliance needs to be well maintained by periodically cleaning the air conditioner filters and evaporator.

Useful tips for maintenance & troubleshooting 

Do we need to service the Condensing (outdoors) unit? If, yes, how often?

Clean the condensing unit at least once a year to ensure smooth air circulation. If the unit is blocked, it can affect the air-conditioning efficiency which can lead to an increase in your electrical bill or a shorter compressor life. For extra help, hire a qualified technician to give better recommendations.

Why is there water leaking out of the air-conditioner?

The drainage could have been blocked due to accumulated dirt in the drainage pipe or the air conditioner could be dirty. It might also be due to insufficient refrigerant or poor drainage installation.

Why is the air conditioner not cold?

The temperature might have been set too high or the operating mode might be incorrect. On the other hand, if the thermostat is defective the air conditioner does not cool or may cool continuously. Other factors include insufficient refrigerant, an undersized unit, or a poorly positioned air conditioner in a room, causing the performance and efficiency of the unit to be impaired.

Lastly, you can rely on a reminder tool to keep you prompted for scheduled maintenance to keep your air conditioner on tip-top conditioner. Orite is a very useful warranty tracking app to keep all receipts in one system just in case of loss. You can also use it to keep track of all your warranties and set reminders for regular maintenance.

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