There is always a joyful moment in unveiling new stuff from the boxes. Be that as it may, this bliss can be short-lived on the off chance that you face an unexpected glitch in your device and have to find the warranty details to either replace or repair it.

Warranty is another term for guarantee. When we purchase a product, it is essential for us to request for a warranty as it is a written statement about the quality, ability, or performance of a product.

However, keeping too many warranty cards can create clutter in our house and there are also incidences where the proof of purchase (receipt) is misplaced with the warranty card, faded or damaged. This will make it hard for us to exchange a product or seek a refund.

The simple way to fix the problem of lost and forgotten warranties is to download a warranty tracking app from your mobile phone to keep a record of purchases and warranties that has been issued to us.

Introducing the Orite Warranty Tracking App

The Orite warranty tracking app is a user-friendly app that helps you to save receipts, warranty cards, product images and reminds you of the warranty expiry date. It is an easy way to organise all warranties and proof of purchases in one place.

How it works

Orite is an advanced app that works effortlessly. It uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) a well-known application of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to capture all the information automatically. Simply take a snapshot of your proof of purchase, warranty card and product image and access them online at anywhere anytime. All the information is stored in the cloud and the app can be used offline for accessing information in the future release.

Orite is a universal tracking app that stores the receipts and warranty bills of any brand, product, or shop either online or offline to ensure that you get the best services in any case. Scan and save receipts in the app and use the warranty tracker to keep your online expenses organised as e-commerce/online shopping is now the “new normal”.

Warranty and service tracker

Orite is your portable warranty book. The app is designed to make your life much simpler and easier by allowing you to easily search and locate all warranties by creating your own custom grouping for example, Digital Gadget, TV & Audio, Health & Beauty, Kitchen Appliance, Furniture and many more.

Having trouble remembering warranty dates and service schedules for air-conditioner, water filter, vehicle, etc.? No worries! The expiry of warranty cards will not be forgotten and can be tracked from the Expiry Reminder tab. You can also set a reminder for scheduled maintenance.

Go Green with Orite

Every year up to 10 million trees and 21 billion gallons of water are used annually to create receipts, Orite’s vision is to make the world paperless. Warranty claims are made easy by exporting all the information into a single PDF file for easy print or share at anytime from anywhere.

How to use Orite App:

• Download and launch the app available on App Store and Google Play Store. (FREE for a limited time)

• Add receipts/bills for the product

• Add products images

• Smart Filter allows warranty bills/receipts to be accessed from different grouping

• Set a reminder for expired warranties and service maintenance

• Keep your data updated and access it at your own convenience

With Orite warranty tracking app, you can now say goodbye to the old-school way and switch to a simpler and more advanced digital bookkeeping service. Orite is the only warranty tracking app you need. Download and experience the new way of warranty now!