1.What is Orite?
Orite is a universal warranty platform that organises all your warranties, regardless of where you shopped, what you bought, online or offline.

2. Is Orite free? How does Orite make money then?
Yes. We strive to make Orite free for use. We maintain our operations by offering our services, e.g. warranty management, protection, repair and maintenance related services,etc. to Brands, Merchants, Insurance Carrier, or partners that we believe can add value to Orite platform.

3. How does it work?
There are multiple ways to organise your warranty with Orite. Just follow the simple steps from the ‘How It Works’ to get started.

4. Does Orite activate a warranty?
No, Orite does not activate or register your warranty officially as that is between you and the merchant. We help organise, manage and improve the quality of warranty offerings for all your online and offline purchases.

5 . If so, can I use my stored warranty record to make a claim?
Most retailers today recognise digital copies of your receipts/proof of purchases/warranty cards, as long as the uploaded image is clear enough.
We are working tirelessly to ensure better integration that would help make claiming more easy and less painful in future. If there is a brand/retailer that you would like us to include, you may
click here to suggest.

6. I uploaded my warranty card/proof of purchase for record-keeping and it was rejected due to upload failed, what happened?
We want to make sure the information provided is clear and accurate, hence we do reject certain submissions that aren’t properly photographed. This ensures that when the need to make claims arises, there will be no doubts on the clarity of the digital record.

7. Can I transfer my warranty to a new owner in the event I sell my purchase?
Products are commonly identified by their serial numbers, however some retailers do request prior notice in writing for transfer of warranties. We are working on future integration to make the warranty transfer process seamless. If there’s a brand/retailer that you would like us to include, you may also click here to suggest. If you have any questions about Orite, please contact us here